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6 mins read | March 11, 2023

16 Cutting-Edge Web Design Trends to Follow in 2023

A good web design can have a significant impact on a business, helping it to stand out and build a strong brand identity. Research by Top Design Firms has shown that 50% of users consider website design to be crucial to a company’s overall brand. Therefore, it is essential for businesses to prioritize website design in order to meet customer expectations and create a compelling digital presence. Your website is essentially the face of your business and should be updated regularly in line with current web design trends.

In today’s world of constant innovation, people are drawn to trendy things, whether it be food, fashion, or web design. When developing a web page, developers put their heart and soul into it, but to achieve the best results, it is important to research and incorporate the latest web design trends to keep it fresh and engaging.

To help businesses stay ahead of the curve, we have compiled a list of the latest web design trends that must be kept in mind when deciding on the look and feel of a web page.

Let’s begin to uncover the best web design trends for 2023!

  • Organic Shapes:

Geometric shapes were a massive trend until 2020, but modern web design is now all about organic or fluid shapes. Asymmetrical shapes inspired by natural elements like rivers, mountains, or raindrops are now popular. Adding organic shapes to content adds personality without distracting from the content and creates a classic look.

  • Thumb-friendly Design:

Mobile devices account for 54.8% of global website traffic, so it’s crucial to ensure that websites are thumb-friendly. Icons, menus, and buttons on websites should be designed to make it easy for users to access with their thumbs.

  • Website Load Speed:

Load speed is always among the top web design trends. Research conducted by PORTENT has shown that approximately 70% of users said that page speed impacts their willingness to purchase from an online retailer. Optimizing website load speed can significantly boost conversion rates and improve the user experience.

  • Typography:

Modern web designers are breaking every rule of traditional typography and using it as the center of attention. Kinetic typography, emotive typography, and typographic hero pages are among the popular web design trends for 2023. Typography can help to connect emotionally with viewers, make messages bold and straight, and create a more fun and engaging experience.

  • Dark Mode:

Dark mode is now one of the top web design trends, available on the most prominent social media platforms and browsers. It reduces eye strain and allows users to focus better on web content.

  • Frosted Glass Effects:

The frosted glass effect has recently become one of the popular web design trends in a designer’s tool belt. It is increasingly being used as a background in place of gradients, making text or objects visible over the image.

  • 3D Visuals:

Desktop and mobile screen resolution are improving, and 3D visuals are the best optimization of it. People spend more time on websites that have moving three-dimensional elements, enticing users to your website with curiosity.

  • Muted Color:

Muted colors are low saturated soft colors that create a calm and cloudy feeling. They sync well with product package designs and can make your website more attractive to users.

  • Micro Interaction:

Micro-interactions are small animations that add more delight to the user experience. They can navigate users on how to interact with websites and make them more fun and engaging

  • Smart Videos:

Smart videos on the loading page can become your personal hoarding and can deliver your brand motto while holding attention at the same time. They are crucial for any marketing strategy.

  • Micro Animations:

Micro animations give page content personality and add depth to web design. They are the latest web design trend to enhance the user experience, giving shoppers a more dynamic vision of their products.

  • Scrolling Effects:

The more users scroll, the more they explore your website, increasing the chances of further actions. There are various ways you can give a memorable scrolling experience to users.

  1. Parallax Scrolling: It is inspired by 2D vintage video games where two layers move at different speeds giving depth to the webpage and making users scroll more out of curiosity.
  2. Horizontal Scrolling: Scrolling up-down is normal, but horizontal scrolling can make things unique. And can add one more dimension to your webpage. Of course, a web designer has to indicate that the user has to scroll horizontally, which could be challenging, but you can add it to the video, image gallery to make it more organized.
  3. Scroll-Triggered Animations: It is a combination of graphic and web design. It increases time spent on the page and engagement by giving users new animation every time they interact with the webpage.
  • Minimalist Design:

Minimalist design is a popular web design trend that gives a classy look to web pages and increases users’ decision-making ability. Users tend to take faster action when there are fewer options to choose from.

  • Chatbots:

Chatbots are becoming increasingly popular for making chatting and support processes more interactive and intelligent. They respond to service requests over the website, making your website more responsive and interactive and returning results faster compared to traditional support methods.

  • SSL Certificate:

I can’t say it’s a web design trend, but people are starting to get concerned about their privacy and safety, so this certificate can help to build trust in users. SSL certificates (secure sockets layers), aka digital certificates, authenticate users’ identity and encrypt data that users transmit. This certificate can differentiate your website from your competitors, whom they can trust to share their data.

  • Custom Illustration:

We all made so many weird, freehand designs on notebooks’ back pages. Trends are demanding it on the front page now. Those free-hand custom illustrations help users to feel connected because they are not perfect or something non-designer can create. Since modern start-ups want to be playful and connected with their audience, this web design trend will boom sooner.



In conclusion, staying on top of the latest web design trends is crucial for businesses looking to build a strong brand identity and meet customer expectations. By incorporating these latest web design trends, businesses can create a compelling digital presence and engage users in new and exciting ways.

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