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5 mins read | January 16, 2020

How to Increase Your Conversion Rate on Your Website

Welcome to the world of online success, where every click on your website can turn into a valuable conversion. Your website’s conversion rate is the heartbeat of your digital presence, and in this article, we’ll show you how to make it beat stronger and faster.

Increasing your website’s conversion rate isn’t just about numbers; it’s about connecting with your audience on a human level. It’s about understanding their needs, desires, and preferences to create a seamless journey that leads to action.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the systematic process of increasing the percentage of website visitors who take a desired action — be that filling out a form, becoming customers. It also help to analyze how users move throughout the site, the actions they take and what they didn’t like or what stopped them from staying on site.


There are several meanings for this term. But here in this industry it means when your visitor completes a website goal. Eg: if you are selling a product online, your main goal is to make the customer purchase it. There are also micro-conversions which can happen before, such as signing up for receiving emails.

According to the survey people judge what your company is about and the services within 5 seconds of opening your website. A higher percentage of them jumps to another site because of many problems your site might have, such as over promotional, long time to load, useless images and more. Many marketers face issues for online marketing due to this and here we will see few tips to improve your website for a better CRO:

The Conversion Rate Optimization

  • Web Design :

First impression is very important as the visitor lands on your site he/she should be attracted and should not face any problem with the interface. Also nowadays people are using more of mobile phones for browsing so your design has to be responsive and quick loading time.

Not Over Promotional :

Many sites are filled with hundreds of images giving information or any promotion. A visitor is on your site for a reason of his/her need or want, and once they find stuff which are not their interest, you might just loose a customer. Only use content which your user is looking for and the services you provide.


Implement Call-to-Action :

The user have landed on your site, now do they know what to do?

Many people face problems due to less guidance of the site and easy for them to add you on their SPAM list. Using CTA will help them to guide what to do next once they are on site and also this might help them to learn new stuff. Some example call-to-actions are to click here for more information, download our sample Game Plan, sign up for a webinar, watch the video, see all inbound marketing services, and see pricing. Using CTA in a right way is just the best idea for generating more leads.

Proper Navigation :

While designing your website never forget to add proper navigation. It is very essential to display place your user can visit. It is important that your visitor gets what they are looking for or there is no point for them to stay on your website. Making a website RESPONSIVE is a key to NAVIGATION.

Let them Scroll a longer Home page

Do not worry if you make your home page longer. Create sections where they get an overview and a seamless experience. Such as:

– Value Proposition
– Intro Video
– Overview of Services
– Product Features
– About Us
– Testimonials
– Case Studies/Success Stories
– Resources

Keeping Updating and Testing

Will you let your money burn or throw away? No, no one would do that. In the same way publishing your site is not the final part, you need to keep testing contents, cta , publishing frequency and much more and keep your site up-to-date. Using CRAZY EGG, you can run all kinds of maps on your website to figure out how users engage with your content. Heat maps, scroll maps, confetti maps, and more can show you visually where people click, stop scrolling, and spend more time. Keeping an eye on how your visitors move will definitely profitable for you.

Optimize conversion funnel

A basic conversion funnel consists of four primary segments: awareness, interest, consideration, and conversion. To increase engagement, optimizing your funnel means mapping out your customer’s cognitive progression, as opposed to the literal path they take through your digital marketing

Ideal offers

As a marketer and a business man knows that people will avoid risk and they just won’t put their money if they are not sure they’ll get want they pay for. For this provide a GUARANTEED MONEY BACK system. This will help you build more trust and loyalty with your consumers and a good reputation in the market. Attracting more clients in this way, is a better way to increase you Conversion Rate. Also do not provide offers which are not appropriate for you and your client.


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