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7 mins read | November 26, 2020

Latest SEO tips

Getting the right pass through the SEO is too crucial for significantly enhancing your website’s hits and awareness.

With so many SEO techniques, it has become almost impossible to determine which ones to stick to and which you can safely ignore.

And, seriously, what are the truly best SEO tips that’ll lead to results?

Are you ready to go up with your site’s popularity?

Sticking to the top of SEO takes a lot of research with constant updates as the algorithms of Google Search are constantly updating. So you need to match the pace by staying updated on the latest news. The search queries are the key points for gaining a website’s traffic.

Here we wrote this whole thing for providing you with the most Advanced SEO Techniques that will for sure increase your search traffic.

  • Aim for User Satisfaction
  • Check up with the Target Users of your Website
  • Provide graphical information
  • Keep in track the Responsiveness of your website
  • Come up with SEO optimized Landing Pages or Dashboard
  • Dig down your website with SEO Audit
  • Keep your content tuned with the latest Algorithm
  • Discuss with people on Round table
  • Spread arms to Wiki’s dead
  • Get inspired by taking notes on your Competitors


1. Aim for User Satisfaction :-

Keep track of how the user interacts and reacts to the services and contents you provide. It came to notice that the contents and services the website provides merely aims at gathering traffic rather than satisfying the traffic. If the users are impressed by the quality, you provide they’re going to refer your website to the other connections too. If humans can’t read or understand your website, neither can search engines. So provide humans first and then focus on Search Engines.

2. Check up with the Target Users of your Website :-

Which kind of users will hit your website, for whom you are providing services or for whom you are writing? Get answers to these.

For instance, you are providing IT related services, for that kind of thing the target user category involves Computer Engineers, Developers, Quality Assurance Engineer, IT Business Analyst, clients that require the software services, and many more.

3. Provide graphical information :-

Almost 70-80% of the heads are visual learners, graphics are easier to catch eyes than the piece of text. Build your content in such a way it engages the users to stay and visit more each time they want something related. Absorb your visitors with appealing graphics such as images, gifs, or videos. However, neglected by some, the videos can hold a lot more users.

4. Keep in track the Responsiveness of your website :-

See for your website is mobile-friendly. Also, pivot the mobile-first indexing. The mobile version of the site should be the primary version of the site. The site could be adjusted to any range of screens without the need of changing the URL. The mobile versions should have a perfect layout without the user zooming and scrolling to go through the website.

For instance, formerly, ‘m.facebook.com’, was the URL of Facebook mobile while ‘www.facebook.com’ was the desktop URL for the same.

5. Come up with SEO optimized Landing Pages or Dashboard :-

Generally, all links drive the users to the Homepage. The Homepage is an essential part but many of the website owners dwarf on the Landing pages. Landing pages and dashboards are the base of the website which helps the user to build a relationship with the website. If a user finds it difficult to use that you will lose the traffic and there would be no promotion to your site by them too. Always welcome your audience with remarkable Landing Pages that will make your users stick to your website and also refer your website to other users too.

6. Dig down your website with SEO Audit :-

Auditing is an important factor while boosting up your traffic. If you know your downfalls, you can build the step on them to step up.

SEO audit simply means examining the overall site performance, analyzing the lacks, setting up the list to work out on, and achieving the to-do things.

This allows to check if meta – titles or description in pages for SEO are provided, is the website filled with SEO keywords? Or whether the URL of the website is well optimized for search engines. Keep your ALT tags of images contained by the keywords too. Link your content to the high priority site. This will earn backlinks too.

7. Keep your content tuned with the latest Algorithm :-

Google constantly evolves its algorithm to provide the best search results to the users. RankBrain is Google’s third most important ranking factor.

How the RankBrain Works?

Let’s give you a small example, if we search on google with “Jaguar”, how does the google knows that you want Jaguar an animal or Jaguar a car manufacturing company?

The RankBrain determines that for google on which basis the results to show, the former or the later.

The RankBrain analyzes the thousands of searches performed by numerous people on the same term and then determines which one you want.

It is really important to update your website’s SEO Keywords and settings according to the latest Google search engine algorithms.

8. Discuss with people on Round table :-

Create a roundup post asking about some valuable questions to the selected set of experts to answer and discuss on.

Surely the experts who participated in the roundup will share that thing on their social media accounts. From their connections, some people will hit the link which leads to your website, and this way you get the audience, which in turn also helps you in coming to the top of the search engines.

9. Spread arms to Wiki’s dead :-

However, this is the most robust way to generate high authority backlinks to your website, most of the SEO marketers give over it.

There are two ways open to you on Wikipedia:

For citation – there are many facts in Wikipedia which are left unlinked to any sources, you can provide the link of your articles to that.

Dead links – these are kind of sources which were already linked to some website but due to whatever reason, the linked page is not available now. You can grab this opportunity too.

10. Get inspired by taking notes on your Competitors :-

Study your competitors for getting inspired by the keywords they use. You can use the same keywords for enhancing your traffic.


Some other Tips and Techniques :-


  • Give weighted topics and content to people for keeping them engaged.
  • Keep things linked internally – Add links to your previous related articles.
  • Create Link Juice.
  • Keep links up to date – fix broken links of your pages.
  • Catch up with Google Adwords.
  • Make use of multiple keywords for the SEO page title.
  • Tune in with Web Analytics (For instance, Google Search console).
  • Refresh your old content systematically – updating the contents of old articles within some timespan.
  • Refurbish old articles – check with old articles if there are any figures to fix or change or related things.
  • Check the speed of your page – consider yourself as a visitor and if the page takes too much time to get loaded. Keep in mind users will lose the tab if the page or site takes too much load time.
  • Focus on content length – The quality of the offerings is still at the apex, but also you need to give some eye on length.


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