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2 mins read | September 23, 2019

Web Development Trends 2019

Here the Top 11 Web Development trends to look out for in 2019. We have analyzed tech and market demands in different fields of the IT industry and made up this list based on them.

Real Time Web Application:

Real time web application uses practices which enables information transmission instantaneously between users and the server.

Single Page Website:

Latest design of the single page layout is the trend to watch out for. It’s easy to use, and the information is easily accessible. That, in turn, can translate to higher engagement and even more conversions.

Chat Bots and AI:

When it comes to responses, while an interface just presents options, with an A.I. chatbot, you can type in your own answer.

Mobile First Design:

A mobile-first web design strategy is a trend in Philadelphia website development where designing a mobile-first website for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices takes priority over desktops.


JavaScript is a client-side language used primarily enabled animation, adaptive content and form validation on the page

Progressive Web App:

PWA is user-friendly, installable and hassle-free which enhances the existing web technologies, it can be share via a URL and can re-engage users with web push notifications.

Mobile-Friendly Website:

Mobile-friendly websites rank better than those that are not optimized for mobile. A mobile friendly website functions on any device, but it appears the same way on that device as it would on a computer.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP):

Increases the opportunity for engagement with users and thus generates more enthusiasm from site owners

UI and UX Design:

UI and UX design have become a significant part of today’s web development.

Blockchain Technology:

Blockchain gives them Bitcoin, Litecoin, and a few alternative cryptocurrencies that, surprisingly enough, are less volatile than their local fiat currency.

Voice Search Optimization:

Voice search is faster than traditional methods of searching for a query; this is what makes it the number one reason for people adopting the trend.

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